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The "Breaking Free" series

The "Breaking Free" series focuses on connecting women through art. Combining both visual art and poetry the pieces focus on the struggles women face and overcoming them, The series was designed to enlighten and empower.

I first came up with the idea to create this series 3 months after giving birth to my 3rd son, i was going through a tough time as many women do postpartum, and thought of the series as i was creating the first piece titled "emotional soul". I loved the idea of women sharing stories with other women so that they don't feel alone in their struggles.

With this idea i really wanted to create authentic pieces and work with real women and create my own reference images to work from. and so i gathered some volunteer models who so bravely posed for the pieces and shared their stories.

i worked with a talented photographer who helped capture the reference images, and thank him and the lovely ladies involved for being apart of this process.

5 months, 5 women, 5 pieces of art work and 5 stories.... this is the "breaking free" series.

Prints on the series shall be released soon stay updated by joining the mailing list (see homepage).

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