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Let’s talk about… October

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

finished on 9/10/2021 in celebration of black history month,October has become my most popular piece to date,with the original piece Selling less than 24 hours after being finished, at Bayswater road.

on that Sunday as soon as I hung it up it received so much attention, and a deposit was put down after a few hours of starting work. Luckily I had asked the buyer if he could collect the painting the following Sunday due to the fact I wanted to get the painting scanned so

I could produce prints. I was not producing prints at this time but due to the painting being so popular I knew it had to be done, And it was the best thing I had done.

When painting this piece I had no idea how it would turn out and infact half way through the process lwanted to paint over it and start over. however i pursued and it's now one of my favourite pieces.

I used an African colour palette for the abstract

element as I wanted the depiction of Africa (being the motherland) to really come through in this piece.

October has been exhibited as a framed print at the “young blood” art exhibition at the holy art gallery. and it continues to draw a lot of attention and I'm glad the original has gone to a good home.


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