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oil painting portrait

Whitney Ellis 

 Emerging contemporary artist based in London, England 


In the studio

“My name is Whitney Ellis, and  I am a self taught artist from London. My work typically consists of portraits of the female form, and focuses on the connection of women and emotions. I challenge the observer to look deeper into the emotions depicted in my work. I do this by covering the eyes of my models, this allows you to look beyond the windows of the soul and look in to the facial expressions and how the art makes you feel. Many of my works tend to depict feelings from my own life experiences. 

In connection to my work on women and emotions, I also work closely with women's charities to support women's mental health and those who have experienced domestic abuse.

My medium of choice when painting is generally oil paint although I occasionally use acrylic and also sculpt using clay. ” - Whitney Ellis 

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The "breaking free" series focuses on the mental awareness of women. Each piece of work shall feature real women and their stories. A poem written about a struggle the women have been through and how they over came it shall be written at the back of each original piece and print. My aim is that when these pieces are seen and the stories told women can seek comfort in knowing that no matter what they are going through they are not alone. Art is not just a pretty thing to look at but something you build a deep emotional connection with.

3/5 of the "breaking free" series is complete, and hope to have the full series complete by the end of February 2024.

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