Whitney Ellis 

 Emerging contemporary artist based in London, England 


In the studio

“I am a contemporary artist, combining both portraiture and abstract art. Ive worked with different types of art mediums but found love in working with acrylic paints. I usually paint women as i have a great interest in feminine features, but I do not limit myself to only creating pieces based on women. 

In Many of my works l tend to depict feelings from my own life experiences using various colours and painting techniques, which is also where the connection of painting women also comes from.

I paint people with the absence of their eyes.. no identity...as I believe eyes hold the identity of a person. I like the element of mystery, that when my works are observed, each individual can see someone different..see themselves even.” - Whitney Ellis 



New art work
title: loved and lost

finished :12/06/22

medium: oil on canvas 

print release due shortly.


bizbubble modern makers awards finalist "illustration & Art"

February 16th, 2022

bizbubble and modern makers have teamed up for the modern makers awards 2022 to celebrate the uk's creative industry and recognition to the nations artist, designers and makers.


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